Stage 4 Technology

Look out Master Chef and MKR!

Stage 4 have been cooking up a storm in Bembooka’s new industrial kitchen during Food Technology—one of the six Technology topics they will cover during Years 7-8. In preparation for our biannual hike through the scenic Australian Blue Mountains, Stage 4 have been planning, preparing and priming their palettes for a range of meals that would be suitable for a hiking context.

Our students have worked in small groups to design a collegially acceptable menu (a challenge in itself!) that would provide the nutritional substance needed to energize a herd of hungry hikers, be light enough to carry over 24 gruelling kilometres and simple enough to cook over basic facilities while on camp. Needless to say, it has certainly pushed some of the students to expand their repertoire of culinary delights beyond 2 minute noodles. The buzz in the stainless steel haven (Bembooka’s kitchen) was certainly charged with excitement as the students had the opportunity to do a test cook-up of one of their proposed dinner menus, during Week 4.

Since then, reflections, evaluations and adjustments have been made to caress their meals into a slightly
more practical form, ready for their 6-Foot Track Camp out.

A huge thanks to the families that have cast their ‘wise and discerning eyes’ over their child’s menus and worked alongside them to ensure that some healthy options for meals and snacks have been catered for. We now eagerly await the opportunity to put the theory and practice into place during Week 6.

Michael Chown and Stephen Toms (Stage 4 Technology teachers)

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